Parent Overview:

Hello! Thank you for visiting Epiphanie AI Tutoring website. We’re here to help your kids improve their math skills. Epiphanie’s AI Math Tutoring system is designed to point out areas where they make mistakes, recommend areas for study, and capture the mistakes they make for review with their teacher or tutor in person.

Our site is designed to work with teachers, tutors, and other education partners to help find those areas where students are having trouble. Teachers have limited time to give personalized attention to students, and few families can afford to have a tutor available for every homework session and problem set. I’ve developed this site based on forty years of personal tutoring experience - during that time, I’ve found that the vast majority of my students’ mistakes aren’t with their current math material! Even my Calculus students make trigonometry errors, exponents mistakes - even simple sign and addition mistakes. So what happens when a student tries a hard math problem and gets the wrong answer because they made a silly mistake in foundational material? They often throw up their hands and resign themselves to the idea that they’re “just not good at math”, when nothing could be further from the truth!

The Epiphanie site helps them catch and fix those mistakes. We’re not solving the problems for them, but guiding them along the way to help them find where they’re making mistakes and fix them. We’ll also recommend supplementary material to help reinforce areas where they’re having difficulty. Soon they’ll be able to share reports with you about the material that they need to work on too (under development - watch for updates soon).

Our initial release is designed with some basic advice for Algebra I-type problems and issues, but the system can already be useful and point out mistakes in more complex subjects like Precalculus and Calculus, even before we’ve developed our AI tutoring algorithms for those subjects.

As parents, we know you want to help your children with the challenging math they’re working on. But it may have been years since you worked on this material yourselves - we can help pick up the slack and give them advice as they work through their daily homework.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our site, and we hope you and your children find the Epiphanie system helpful in their math learning process.

Best regards,
Kevin Moore
Founder, Epiphanie Tutoring